Reach Home Studio Enthusiasts With The Master Your Mix Podcast

Through interviews and Q&A episodes, Mike Indovina shares recording tips and techniques to help engineers, artists, and producers improve the quality of their recordings and mixes (even from a home studio).

What is the Master Your Mix Podcast?

The Master Your Mix Podcast, hosted by Mike Indovina, is a dedicated platform for aspiring and experienced musicians, providing invaluable insights into home recording and music production.

Our podcast features in-depth interviews with industry professionals, practical tips, and expert advice to help listeners create high-quality recordings from the comfort of their home studios.

By exploring a wide range of topics, such as recording techniques, mixing and mastering, gear selection, and software recommendations, the Master Your Mix Podcast empowers musicians to elevate their craft and produce professional-sounding music.

Our average listener breakdown:

  • Male
  • 18-44 years of age
  • Musicians, audio engineers, home-studio enthusiasts
  • Top 5 countries: USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia

Previous guests have included:

  • Andrew Scheps
  • Rafa Sardina
  • Sylvia Massy
  • David Bendeth
  • Vance Powell
  • Taylor Larson
  • Simon Grove
  • Geoff Daking
  • Garth Richardson
  • David Bottrill
  • Billy Decker
  • Daniel Rowland
  • Matt Greiner
  • Björgvin Benediktsson
  • Tony "Jack the Bear" Mantz
  • Frederic Archambault
  • Jim Anderson
  • And many more

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